Tutioune (English)

TUTIOUNE: DATV/DVB-S Measurement and Display Software

Tutioune is a new software utility that has been specially developed to provide radio amateurs and DVB technicians with a tool that allows Digital ATV (DVB-S) to be measured precisely. With Tutioune there is no more frustration at seeing only "level and "quality" information from standard satellite receivers; basic quality guidance that fails to satisfy technical users.

Technical DVB-S users want to measure the received transmission characteristics exactly, so they can improve their systems and debug problems that may be encountered.

Digital transmissions are not really "all or nothing", in between there are many things that can happen; it's important to be able to observe and define the various stages.

Tutioune is a software solution that can be used with a number of DVB-S PCI satellite receiver cards, such as the TechnoTrend TT-S2-3200 (€80 new and possibly less on eBay) or the best: TT S2-1600.
for the 2 families of card there are now two versions:

Tutioune1600 for TT S2-1600
you can find it here : viewtopic.php?f=60&t=214

Tutioune3200 for TT S2-3200
you can find it here : http://www.vivadatv.org/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=276

Tutioune1600 - standard mode


Tutioune1600 - expert mode


Quick user guide:
You can receive D-ATV just by clicking twice!
- choose symbolrate,
- choose frequency
Et voila, that's all

DVB receivers don't need anything else. Forward Error Correction (FEC) is automatically detected and PIDs don’t matter for measurement. When displaying the received transmission, PIDs for video and audio are very often single values, so when we select "AutoPID", Tutioune automatically selects the first PID that it detects.

After measuring, if all is OK (TS status LED is green),

You can download the software - if you are registered (it's free) at :

for TT S2-1600

for TT S2-3200

We can distinguish 13 panels in Tutioune interface:

1) Name and zero-tuner gain and bandwidth Tuning.
2) Frequency tuning
3) Symbol Rate tuning
4) Tuner AGC tuning
5) Integrator AGC tuning
6) LNB voltage if required
7) Equalizer tuning (for coaxial compensation)
8) IQ offset and balance tuning
9) observation of RF , IQ, digital S/N MER, constellations plus informations about VBER, BER corrected by Viterbi, BER corrected by Reed Solomon
10) Big Green led "TS Status" to tell you when you can analyse, decode and see the Transport Stream
11)SymbolRate auto scan (when you are not sure)
12) Short cut memory buttons (top right) to choose your favourite symbol rate and frequency
13) When the big green LED “TS Status” is on, your tS stream is ready to be decoded or sent by uDP, recorded...

We can observe in real-time all the effects of moving antenna and changing transmitter power. With Tutioune you can provide a really useful signal report.

more explanations here: viewtopic.php?f=61&t=235

A new way to receive DATV

Jean Pierre F6DZP

To find out which PC satellite cards are compatible with Tutioune, look at :

the blue highlighted area in the table:

Tutioune will soon be available in English with other versions to follow. Please be patient.

and Many thanks to Darren G7LWT for help for English translation