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Minitioune using Windows 10 IoT

Postby M0YDH » Sat 6 Jan 2018 17:39

I would like to ask an innocent question about Minitioune. I know that the Raspberry Pi 3 has a Windows 10 internet of things version. Is it the slightest use for making a self contained video receiver using Minitioune and Minitiouner ? I could never afford a Latte Panda computer but another Pi 3 is a possible purchase and small.

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David M0YDH
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Re: Minitioune using Windows 10 IoT

Postby F6DZP » Sun 7 Jan 2018 12:23

I think that it is better to buy a PIPO X8 for 100 euros that cost less than a Rpi3 + HD touchscreen + Speaker + wifi + ... and has more power.
PIPO X8 is already installed with win10 and many people use it. It works well with Minitioune and MiniTiouner

Jean-Pierre F6DZP
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