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Perseverance not working on UDP mode

Postby ea3geo » Mon 27 Jun 2022 10:13

Dear OM’s,

I yesterday spent the whole day trying to fix an issue. My system was working flawlessly until my Pluto decided to stop working.

It happens to me once or twice a year that I find a frozen Pluto and I have to recover from the scratch, putting the Pluto on DFU mode and rebuilding all from zero.

This happened yesterday and I performed a v0.32 clean firmware install. From this point, I installed the Perseverance 0303 patch. I also performed the capabilities extension (compatible, ad9364, maxcpus).

My early setup was with the OBS, the F1EJP FreeStreamCoder and the Pluto with the Perseverance. All the setup through UDP port 8282.

I have reviewed 1000 times all the parameter but this is not working. The FreeStreamCoder doesn’t seem to be sending the UDP stream to the Pluto (or the Pluto is not receiving it). Th eflow indicator (the one saying nominal, underflow, etc) doesn’t show nothing at all. Moreover, if I press the PTT in the 0303 Controller tab, the Pluto won’t TX.

This was something working perfectly before.

If I change the Perseverance working mode to RTMP all works just fine. I can chose a channel, I manually copy-paste the instruction to the OBS and I can start streaming and I can start TX and all works fine.

So, something related to the UPD communication channel between devices (?).

Nothing have changed at computer level. It’s all the same as before…

I have formated and reinstalled the firmware and the patch in the Pluto 2 or 3 times.

What could I check?
Any ideas?

Tks & Bst 73 from EA3GEO, Daniel
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Re: Perseverance not working on UDP mode

Postby ea3geo » Tue 28 Jun 2022 22:43

Hi everybody,

Finally resolved.

If somebody finds himself in a similar situation I can explain that it was something related with the Firefox caché cleaning.

But it's not so obvious as it can seem: I performed several F5, FN+F5 and Ctrl+F5. I even performed various SETTINGS -> CACHÉ CLEANING. And it happened that this didn't completely clean the caché.

Solution came with a "new from the scratch" Opera new browser installation.

In Opera I accessed Perserverance, changed from RMTP to UDP and, voilà: Working flawlessly!

73 from EA3GEO, Daniel
Posts: 5
Joined: 22 Mar 2021

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