Modulateur DVB embarqué sur le plutosdr. Embedded dvb modulator on plutosdr.

Re: Firmware DATV/QO100 pour plutosdr

Postby PA0CDY » Mon 6 Apr 2020 08:55

F5OEO wrote:Le firmware est en cours de finalisation. Voici le lien du téléchargement (béta) : aller dans la section téléchargement !
Ce forum est ici pour échanger autours de ce firmware.

Hello Evariste,
i use your software and made Eshail qso's with my freinds ,but i want to do dvbs2 on 145Mhz and the pluto stops on 325Mhz .
there is a youtube video how to change the frequency to lower 70Mhz ,my question ,can i do that without distroing your software and what is the best way to do that

good luck with all your projects
73,Peter PA0CDY
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Re: Firmware DATV/QO100 pour plutosdr

Postby g0mjw » Tue 14 Apr 2020 16:29

It works for me.

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Re: Firmware DATV/QO100 pour plutosdr

Postby 4Z1ZV » Wed 10 Jun 2020 08:29

I installed the 10/10/2019 firmware from this site.

It works ON for DATV, however it will not work for the narrow band on SDR-Console.

I was told that other versions may work OK.

Any link to such version ?


Zvika 4Z1ZV
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Re: Firmware DATV/QO100 pour plutosdr

Postby mamado » Mon 6 Jul 2020 12:37

Hi every one.
thanks for this awesome frimware.
i give it a shot and it's fantastic.

i have one question about latency.
i'm trying OBS,VMIX,Gstreamer "command line" , and all three have latency around "2.8" second. recived with sdrangle and leansdr.

using corei7-7500 as transmitter and receive.

in OBS :
using default setting, get around 6 second latency . But when put "Key frame interval = 1" reduce latency to 2.8 second. this for both reciver sdrangle and leansdr.

in Gstreamer :
this is my command
gst-launch-1.0 v4l2src device="/dev/video2" ! video/x-raw,width=640,height=480 ! videoconvert ! x264enc pass=cbr tune=zerolatency bitrate=1000 sliced-threads=true speed-preset=1 vbv-buf-capacity=20 key-int-max=50 rc-lookahead=1 ! flvmux ! rtmpsink location='rtmp://,437,DVBS2,QPSK,1000,34,0,nocalib,1,32, live=1'
also "key-int-max" is the major parameter to reduce Latency from 6 second to 2.8 second.

My question here Can i reduce this 2.8 second to less than one second ?

thank you again ^_^
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Re: Firmware DATV/QO100 pour plutosdr

Postby F4VSG » Thu 9 Jul 2020 16:18

Hello to ALL,

After HamRadio 2019 i bought a Jetson Nano, great to use with my Mini-Lime.
It works great, nice H265 compression output with low latency.
Linux scripting is ‘difficult’ for me I am more an Analog radio-amateur.

After Evariste’s ADALM-Pluto Firmware I am using a PLUTO together with V-mix on a i7 laptop with great fun.
Easy to use for me, but only H264 compression.
After I found on the 06-07 post that there is also a Gstreamer solution with lower latency.

Now my question is there a way to send ffmpeg to the Jetson Nano as output from V-mix,
The Jetson Nano makes H265 and sends it to the Pluto.
Is this possible ??

Or are there more simple ways to have H265 compression ??
Already thanks for feedback.

Fb 73 Robert F4VSG
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