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Constellation on display

PostPosted: Sun 21 Jul 2019 10:15
by sm4ive
I am just curioues the constalation on display is that only for filling the display? seems has no funktion?
Does not change with different modes.

Re: Constalation on display

PostPosted: Wed 24 Jul 2019 06:06
by F6DZP

I don't understand completely your question.

If it is about constellations, these are very important to understand and see MER resulting.
But if you observe constellations with very low MER (<10 dB), you will see in all cases scattered points and it is difficult to see the difference.
If you receive a station on 70cm or 23cm you could get 2àdB of MER and you will see the constellations as little condensed clouds.

look at my explanations here :

Jean-Pierre F6DZP