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DATV-Express with Pluto help please.

Postby ik8ozv » Sat 8 May 2021 13:12

Hi Folks,
i ma trying to use the DATV-Express program but do not have any luck.
I have set the program as:

Source-->Video-->Device name OBS-Camera ------Device Formats 640 360 30 yuy2
Source Network no change
Codec--->Video H264 other no change
Codec Audio no change
SI Tables My callsign
Options ---> On Air format 640 480 15 Other no change
Modulator --->Common put TX Frequency TX symbole rate DVB-S2 Pluto
Modulator--->DVb-S2 --QPSK ---Rol Off 0.20 Frame Type Normal---- FEC 2/3----Plot Symbols OFF

The problem is when i click on the PTT button, nothing happens. I do not see the PA going ON.
Please anybody can help me to understand where am i missing?
73's de Enzo IK8OZV
MinitunerPro2, NIM: FTS4334; Parabole 100cm Offset, LNB Octagon Green.
PC= I9 / Win10-64bits.
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