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OLED Display on Minitiouner Express

PostPosted: Sun 30 Aug 2020 15:37
Is there a possibility to connect an Oled Display to the Minitiuoner Express. I have figured out the CLK and SDA lines on the Nim tuner and connected wires to a Display including the Gnd and Vcc lines. However the Testmyminitiouner software is not recognising the Oled Display.

So my questions is, is this the correct way to connect the 1.3" I2C Oled Display and why is the software not recognising the Display?
I looked to the hardware diagrams, and I dont see why this is not working. Even so I checked the FT2232H software and found no differences compared to the MinitounerPro software except the USB description name to recognise the different hardware versions.

Please let me know, how I can this Oled Display getting working.
Thanks for your help.

PA2JSA, 73, Jaap