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PostPosted: Sat 4 Apr 2020 10:49
by G3UEQ
This might have been covered before so apologies if it has.
My Minitioune Pro V2 has just been completed, passes all self tests, correct filters and updates for Win10, no obvious errors. Using good quality USB cable and regulated 12V linear PSU.
Sending test picture from Portsdown on 1255MHz at SR2000, FEC5/6, it shows lock fairly quickly but the Full light does not change to green along with the rest. The meter displays D11, with carrier strength of 32 dBm. If i reduce the signal to around 60dBM it starts to lock and eventually does. I have tried alternative SRs and FEC, also setting to correct FEC instead of using AUTO, same with PID. I enclose picture of self test, hope not missing anything. My earlier Minitioune works fine.
Using the latest beta software BTW. Any ideas ?
Andy G3UEQ

Re: No picture

PostPosted: Sun 5 Apr 2020 06:03
by F6DZP

TestMyMiniTiouner test all MiniTiouner Hardware but not the TS channel as the MiniTiouner is not tune on a station and receives nothing.

You don't seem to have used also Check MinitiouneDriverAndFilters that will test the software installation. I suppose that you are using the same computer as that you are using with your earlier MiniTiouner.
If not, do the test, because perhaps you have a decoder missing...

If all tests are good, now the last part is is not yet tested is the TS transfer.

the Full light does not change to green along with the rest.

I would be better if you could join a jpg picture of Minitioune running in Expert mode, I could have more info. I need to know exactly which Led remain red.

Anyway, I suppose that you have a hardware issue, you must check all the soldering on NIMs pins, specially the TS2 pins and if you can use an oscilloscope, check signal on pin8 of U3 chip.
You can have a bad solder or a bridge between 2 pins.

Jean-Pierre F6DZP

Re: No picture

PostPosted: Thu 9 Apr 2020 15:12
by G3UEQ
Thank you Jean-Pierre
I will perform more tests and get back later.
Kind regards