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MiniTiouner Pro V2 problem on one USB port.

PostPosted: Sun 6 Oct 2019 10:44
by G4EWJ

I am checking an MT Pro V2 that has come from a silent key. I'm sure I had it working on both USB ports at the radio club, but when I tried it at home, it would not work on the left hand USB port. The right hand USB port works perfectly.

When I run "CheckMiniTiouneDriverAndFilters_V0_5a", I get the following screen:

Image 2019-10-05, 14-34-38.png
Image 2019-10-05, 14-34-38.png (223.96 KiB) Viewed 7063 times

I have looked at the FT2232H with FTProg and it seems correct. Even so, I reprogrammed the FT2232H with the template "FT2232H aux for MiniTiounerPro", but the fault stays the same.

Strangely, when I reprogram the FT2232H with the template "FT2232H master for MiniTiounerPro", it fails in a slightly different way, even though the difference between the 2 templates only differ by "TS1" / "TS2".

Image 2019-10-05, 23-12-53.png
Image 2019-10-05, 23-12-53.png (74.72 KiB) Viewed 7063 times

I have also removed the drivers with the tool, reinstalled the drivers and tried different PCs, USB cables and power supplies.

Any ideas please?


Re: MiniTiouner Pro V2 problem on one USB port.

PostPosted: Sun 6 Oct 2019 19:35
by F6DZP
Hi Brian,

It is normal, you are trying something that doesn't work like that.

Test for hardware must be done with "TestMyMiniTiouner", using 2 USB cables at same time. Do you find any error?

The 2 USB ports are named "USB aux" (at left) and "USB Master" at right.

We must use ONLY the Master USB port when we are using CheckMinitiouneDrivers&Filters or Minitioune.

The Aux USB Port is usefull only if we use the Dualtioune software that allows to receive 2 stations at same time, ( = 2 different TS at same time, one on each USB port)
So if you use it with Minitioune it doesn't work because the I2C on this port is not linked to the NIM but to other hardware.
on this AUx Port, we use only the parallel data bus to receibve the second TS when we are receiving the first TS via the Master USB port

Presently Dualtione is only for DVBS, not DVBS2, so I wait it is finished before I put it for download.

Jean-Pierre F6DZP

Re: MiniTiouner Pro V2 problem on one USB port.

PostPosted: Sun 6 Oct 2019 20:53
by G4EWJ
Thanks Jean-Pierre. I had convinced myself that I had told someone that it was working on both ports, but it must have been both F-plugs.

I tried TestMyMiniTiouner with 2 cables and it is fine.