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MinitiounerPro2 not visible anymore

Postby ik8ozv » Thu 26 Sep 2019 13:07

Hello All,
hope in some helps.
Last night i have switche off my MinitiounerPro2 and my PC.
This morning switching ON the MinitiuonerPro2 it is not recognised from the PC.
I do not either hear the USB Connection sound.
If I unplug the Cable form the USB near the NIM and insert in the other one,
After a couple of seconds I hear the USB connection sound but I get the error:

USB device not Recognized
The last USB device connected to the computer does not
work and has not been recognized.

If i go into the device Manager i see under Controller USB ( Universal Serial Bus )
a small yellow triangle with a "!" in it and i can read next to it:

Uknown USB Device ( Device Desciptor Request Failed ).

I have tried to change the USB Cable,
I have tried to change the USB port
I have tried to change the PC ( PC Desktop, Notebook, Tablet )
but get always the same problem.
Please Anybody can help me to solve the problem?
Amy help will be really appreciated.
73's de Enzo IK8OZV
MinitunerPro2, NIM: FTS4334; Parabole 100cm Offset, LNB Octagon Green.
PC= I9 / Win10-64bits.
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Re: MinitiounerPro2 not visible anymore

Postby F6DZP » Fri 27 Sep 2019 08:26


Last night i have switche off my MinitiounerPro2 and my PC.

You don't tell if it was working well...

I suppose that there is an issue with the master USB FT2323H chip or power supply.

Do you have same issue using the AUX USB port? is it recognized?

if not, the problem should be the ppower supply. test the 3.3v voltage on your FT2232H.

if the second USB port (AUX) is recognized and not the first (MASTER) , test the 3.3v on this master FT2232H (U6) . if all seems good there is another problem with the chip

(Try only "TestMyMinitiouner" once the USB device is recognized)

Jean-Pierre F6DZP
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