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Display connection

Postby G8NOP » Fri 26 Jul 2019 21:39

I now have a 2.6" Serial:UART/I2C/SPI IPS Super TFT LCD 320x240 display.
As it arrived with no spec sheet I would appreciate a photo of its connections to the MinitiounerPro V2 board. I gather that in one of the photos on the forum the connections are shown incorrectly.
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Re: Display connection

Postby sm4ive » Mon 5 Aug 2019 07:04

Hi on the display you have to make an solder bridge betwen iC2 dots
on Minitiouner pcb there are several sockets you can use i use the one on the side of Tuner. Look at the socket its printed
GND,VCC,SDA,SCL you will se the same on the display
on display VCC, SDA,SCL, GND simple as that GL
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Re: Display connection

Postby G8NOP » Mon 5 Aug 2019 10:17

Thanks for the advice SM4IVE. I'll progress now and hopefully connect up later today.
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