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Minitioune error shoe video and hang

Postby nanrspm » Sat 15 Jun 2019 19:06

please seen as link you tube


I 'm used MiniTiouner V2 PCB with component and MiniTioune software V0.8s and 0.9 beta for receive signal but problem have error on Minitioune software after install LAV filter and decode signal success.
computer Hang and not show video but use switch record for recoard and play back. please advice me for problem and repair software.


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Re: Minitioune error shoe video and hang

Postby F6DZP » Sun 16 Jun 2019 19:05


This is not a problem with the software Minitioune, it receives your TS and can record it.
This is not a problem with the hardware as you can record the TS received.

This is a problem with your computer/Windows that cannot render the video using Directshow.

1)Test firstly with the software "CheckMiniTiouneDriverAndFilters_V0_5a"
2) test also if you can see the viedo using VLC via UDP
3) check the CPU% used ans see if the value is not to high when you try to render the vidéo.

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