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RX Disappear with POTY

PostPosted: Tue 12 Nov 2019 13:10
by ik8ozv
Hi folks,
i am having problems with DATV reception.
I have noticed that if i have just the LNB on the dish, i get the DATV signals with no problems,
but as soon I put the POTY in the LNB the signal disappear.
This problem is just for the DATV signals because i have tried to receive the SSB signals and
i can hear the signals in both the cases with and without the POTY on the LNB.
Please what could be the problem?
Any help will be rally appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Re: RX Disappear with POTY

PostPosted: Wed 13 Nov 2019 15:41
by sm4ive
Have you adjusted skew? thats important on DATV
Does the Poty go on outside of waveguide? else you are on trouble there will be a missmatch on waveguide also if pushing it in to far will short the rx dipoles inside