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Minitiouner V2 problem

PostPosted: Fri 12 Jan 2018 16:56
by EA3UM
Hi Jean Pierre
As a continuation of the Batc Forum I have put the same subject.
I attached the .ts file to see if you can guide me where the problem may be.
For the checks made at the hardware level, I'm pretty sure the fault should be in the tuner. It is already an obsession.

I will greatly appreciate your help.
Thank you


Re: Minitioune V2 problem

PostPosted: Sat 13 Jan 2018 08:38
by F1CHF
what is the "best software" to read this TS file ?
TS reader seems bad here ... VLC too ...

Re: Minitioune V2 problem

PostPosted: Sat 13 Jan 2018 09:43
by f1faq
Hello CHeF,

You cannot read this file because it has a problem
Jean-Pierre has asked Magi to post the file to identify what the problem is
From what I have seen on my side is that the normal identifier of the packets (x47)
is changed to x45. Meaning that bit1 of the ts output is forced to zero or "dead"
But I prefer Jean-Pierre to answer

73 - Christian

Re: Minitioune V2 problem

PostPosted: Sat 13 Jan 2018 10:05
by F1CHF
OK boy merci
le best software c'est TS reader ?
le CHF

Re: Minitioune V2 problem

PostPosted: Sat 13 Jan 2018 12:05
by EA3UM
Hello Christian and CHF
This is a problem that since the assembly of the Minitioune I have been suffering.
All tests are perfect without any error message, but without video on screen, and only appears on black background "No video or bad codec / Pid" ... or something like that.

After many tests Jean Perre offered to analyze the file .ts, to determine the possible origin of the failure.

After following the circuit with oscilloscope and checking all the signals, I have come to the conclusion that the problem comes from the tuner.

I think it's the VLC that can reprocess a .ts file, but I do not get anything on the screen.

Thanks for your comments.

73's Magi

Re: Minitioune V2 problem

PostPosted: Sat 13 Jan 2018 14:40
by F6DZP

Effectively the first byte of each packet is not 47hexa but 45 hexa.
We can see also that all bytes are finishing by 0,1, 4,5, 8,9, C,D so for all bytes the bit1 is always 0
That means that the bit1 is bad/dead, not connected, shortcut to ground ...
You must check the TS2_D1 on the bus = pin27 on the NIM = pin BD1=CN3-25 on the FT2232H.
Actually it remains at low level, so there is a shortcut to the ground or no connection between the NIM and the FT2232h or a bad contact with the pin27 of the NIM

You can download the software TSpacketviewer to observe your file

Pour F1CHF, ici TSreader ne peut pas aider à grand chose car il va refuser le fichier.
De mon coté j'ai des procédures déjà faites pour minitioune qui analysent les packets.
Sinon vous pouvez télécharger "Cypheros TSpacketviewer" qui vous montrera les packets.

Jean-Pierre F6DZP

Re: Minitioune V2 problem

PostPosted: Sat 13 Jan 2018 15:21
by f1faq
Magi, I have seen your first request on the BATC web site
As said before, I have seen a problem in your ts file, but I prefer Jean-Pierre to answer to you
as he is the expert and I could miss some other information

CHeF, TsReaderLite (free software) is usefull to see what's in the ts file (or in a stream in real time)
In the example below, the content of a ts file I recorded while doing tests in H265 to optimize frame occupancy
ie reduce the NULL packets. You can see the size (or percentage of occupation) of the different streams (audio, video, NULL,..)
composing the ts stream. At the right, the video itself is not displayed in this case as this release does not support HEVC (H265)
but a Mpeg-2 or H264 would have been displayed

I use also VLC to display the ts streams and get the composition of the stream
In VLC click right / Tools (outils) / Information on the codecs or do a Ctrl+J
See second picture (ISS reception in feb 2017)

Exemple TSReaderLite.JPG
Exemple TSReaderLite.JPG (113.2 KiB) Viewed 19211 times

Re: Minitioune V2 problem

PostPosted: Mon 15 Jan 2018 11:12
by EA3UM
Hello everyone
I am very grateful for the help you have given me in this case, with which I have been fighting for more than a month, in a battle to the death.
Also thank you that thanks to it, I have learned what I never believed.

Your diagnosis is perfect.
I have checked with the oscilloscope the signals of the 8 bits of the TS and I have seen that in bit 1 (pin 27 of the tuner there is no signal).
The circuit of the board (external to the tuner), as one might suppose, had proven it many times. What I have also checked is the track inside the tuner continuity until you reach an array of 470 Ohms resistors, which apparently connect to the STV0910A. All right.
From there I have not been able to follow the circuit, because with the tuner welded on the board, it is not easy to work.
No shortcuts and with perfect continuity from the 470 Ohms internal resistor to the FT2232 without interruption.
When you start a circuit like this for the first time and it does not work, you have many doubts, errors in assembly, connections, software, PC, etc. then,through different tests and deductions and help through the forums, you are discarding possibilities, as in my case, I determine that the failure comes from the hardware and in this case, it is practically only the tuner, although not knowing the mechanics of operation, it is not easy to specify which is the part that does not work.

I'm waiting to receive another FTS4334 with which I hope the problem is solved.
The improvement seems to be remarkable with this new Minitioune and possibly ideal for the reception of the ISS, since until now, operating with the Tutioune 3200 had a delay from receiving the signal until synchronized (indicators in green, TS ready), it was incompatible with the ISS tracking speed.
With the Minitioune V2 (without seeing image), I observe that it is practically immediate from applying the signal until synchronizing.
Thanks to everyone and especially to Jean Pierre as the father of an excellent job.

Re: Minitioune V2 problem

PostPosted: Thu 18 Jan 2018 23:10
by EA3UM
Hello everyone
Two days ago I received the new tuner FTS4334 and a board.
I proceeded to the assembly using the same components and with the plug-in tuner.

After checking that all the power supply voltages were correct, I plugged in the tuner, connected the signal input through a 60 dB attenuator from my Digilite board, Freq. 1245 MHz, SR 4000, FEC 1/2, and ..... SUCCESS! at first.

I would like to comment on a detail that I do not know if it is normal .:
I receive the signal from the Digilite, and several commercial stations via Satellite in the 11-12 GHz band. No problems. But when I activate the ISS box, (without an ISS signal), I can no longer receive any signal. I have to leave the program and re-enter.
I do not know if it could be due to a bad configuration of the .ini file, or if it is normal.

I observe that the response to a signal is much faster than the Tutioune 3200 and in general, much improved features.

I finally got the Minitioune V2 operative !!!
Thanks for your help.
Magi -EA3UM-

Re: Minitioune V2 problem

PostPosted: Fri 19 Jan 2018 06:58
by F6DZP

when I activate the ISS box, (without an ISS signal), I can no longer receive any signal.

When you activate the ISS mode, the software switch off the research of PIds and add in real time the DVBtables (PAT, PMT, SDT..) in the stream that is received, because there is a bug inthe firmware used by the ISS modulator.
So, if you activate the ISS mode while receiving a normal TS, you add the IIS DVB tables to the tables already in the stream and you obtain a bad stream and cannot decode it. It is normal that you cannot decode any station other than ISS.
I have to leave the program and re-enter.

But if you uncheck the ISS box, you should return in a normal mode. You should not have to quit the software and run it again.
You are right: After your message I have checked the minitioune V0.7b and effectively there is this issue.

Since 2 months I am working on a new version and I have not this problem.
It is already corrected in the version 0.8 that will be available in 1 or 2 weeks.

Jean-Pierre F6DZP

PS: I will by happy if you could send me the bad NIM. Could you send it to me? thanks