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Tutioune1600 notes DirectShow Graph Issue

PostPosted: Sun 13 Jul 2014 19:03
by oe6rke

first of all i like the Software a lot. it's very handy to receive several datv sources.
But for some reason it sopped working a few days ago:

During Startup i get a message "DirectShow Start error --> verifiy your Video.grf file" on a windos 7 32 bit engine.
to fix the issue i tried:
*) reinstallation of LavFilters-0.61.1
*) re registering of
*) update of DirectX and checking Status with dxdiag
*) checking graph with "checkTutioneDrivesAndFilters_V4.3"
*) testing with Tutioune1600 V0_4b, V0_5b_ISS and V0_5c_ISS.exe

so i'm pretty clueless what caused the issue. any help or info is very appreciated.

many thanks, Robert, 73 de oe6rke

Re: Tutioune1600 notes DirectShow Graph Issue

PostPosted: Thu 17 Jul 2014 06:14
by F6DZP
Hello Robert,

> checking graph with "checkTutioneDrivesAndFilters_V4.3"
Do you have all Led green? and can you see the little video and hear audio?

> have you downloaded GraphstudioNext and can you load and observe the "decod mpeg2.grf" file?
( this file must be in the same directory than Tutioune)
Jean Pierre F6DZP